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What is a screenshot?

An image that shows what your monitor is displaying.

How to take a screenshot?

To take a screenshot, press the Print Screen (PrtScr) button on your keyboard. It's usually in the upper right corner of a keyboard, after the F1-F12 buttons. When you press PrtScr, you store an image of your screen in your clipboard. To take a screenshot of the active window, press Alt+PrtScr.

When I press PrtScr or Alt+PrtScr, nothing happens.

This is normal. The image (screenshot) is temporarily stored in your clipboard. To see it, paste it into the program of your choice. The easiest program in which to save a screenshot is Paint, which is included with Windows. Launch Paint by choosing in the «Start» menu the following selections: All Programs > Accessories > Paint. To paste the image, click on «Edit» at the top of the screen and then choose «Paste». You can then edit (add text or highlight something) and save (File > Save As) your screenshot. Remember to specify a file extension such as "jpeg" or "bmp."

How do I clear my browser cache?

A web browser is the program you use to view pages on websites.

A cache contains files a website has stored on your computer - including icons, Flash games, sounds and other elements from the pages you've visited. The next time you visit the page, those elements won't be downloaded again but rather accessed from the cache; this makes the page load faster.

To delete the cache:

Restart your browser and open a blank page. It's best to close all other programs, too. To open a blank page in most browsers, press Ctrl+T.

In Windows Internet Explorer

  • Click on the «gear» icon on the top right .
  • Choose «Explorer Properties».
  • Go to «General».
  • Click «Delete...».
  • Tick «Temporary Internet files».
  • Click «Delete».
  • Click OK.
In Mozilla Firefox
  • Click on the Firefox icon and choose «Settings».
  • Go to «Privacy».
  • Click on «Clear recent history».
  • Choose «All».
  • Click «Details».
  • Tick «Cache».
  • Click «Clear now».
In Opera
  • Click on the «Opera» icon and go to «Properties» > «Delete personal data».
  • Click on the arrow next to «Detailed processing».
  • Tick «Clear cache».
  • Click «Delete».
  • Click OK.
In Google Chrome
  • Click on the «wrench» icon at the top right of the window .
  • Choose «Settings».
  • Go to «Advanced».
  • Click «Delete viewed pages data».
  • Tick «Clear cache».
  • Choose the period for which you want to remove the data.
  • Click « Delete viewed pages data ».
  • Click «Close».
In Safari
  • Choose «Edit» or click on the «gear» at the top right of the browser.
  • Choose «Reset Safari».
  • Click «Reset».

How do I create an icon on my desktop?

Double click on the «My computer» shortcut on your desktop or press Win+E. Next, use the folder tree on the left panel to go to the folder containing the file for which you want to create shortcuts.

Select the desired file.

Drag the file onto your desktop while pressing your right mouse button. When you release the button, you'll see a menu with commands. Select «Create shortcuts» to complete the operation.

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